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Chippendale Ladder Back ~ Miniature Chair Shop

Chippendale Ladder-back

England | c.1760 | 1 in 4 | 9 1/8” | 230mm


This is one  of  Chippendale’s classic designs.

The back is decorated with pierced and edge beaded ladder ties that tenon into tapered and beaded uprights.

The front legs are decorated on the front and sides with a “toads back” moulding.

It has a drop in seat covered with antique leather and an  antique finish to the chair frame.


Stamped 25 MCS 02 | in presentation box | Made in Blackthorn | Prunus Spinosa


Chippendale Ladder-back -    Chippendale Ladder-back detail -    Chippendale Ladder-back detail -


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